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Automatically create slug based on document title

Currently, I have a hard time explaining to some of my customers (who are used to WordPress) why they have to manually set a slug for each document. To make life easier for my customers and myself, I would love for caisy to just automatically set and update a slug based on the title of the Document, converting spaces to hyphens and dealing with Umlaute automatically. Demo:document_title: "Über uns", autogen_slug: "ueber-uns",Why is this important?If I don't want my customers to manually add slugs, I currently have to fetch all Documents just to convert the title of these Documents to a slug-version. With the converted titles, I can then perform a .find() on them to match the current URL to one of the converted slug.

An Anonymous User 7 months ago


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2-way-binding connection field

I am pretty new to GraphQL, so I might be doing it wrong. If so, please tell me :) However I think this could make things easier:Sometimes I have to fetch all Categories (a component-bp. I use) that I created. Each category has a connection field where 0-n Articles (a document-bp. I use) can be linked. Obviously, I now get a nice list of all Categories with the linked articles. However, when I fetch a specific Article and want to know which category it is in - I now have to make a somewhat redundant "Category" field and manually select the category it is in - eventhough the Article is already linked to the category, but only from the side of the Category.As I said, I don't know if I am missing something or just do it wrong, but an "advanced" connection field, that works 2-ways would be nice. So as soon as I link an Article from my Category using the "advanced" connection field - this field is automatically generated in my Article-Blueprint and connects the article to the category.

Leon 10 months ago


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